Candida Balance and Relief from Die-Off*

Candida Balance and Relief from Die-Off*


The natural herbal solution that inhibits Candida overgrowth and supports a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria.

  • Inhibits the proliferation of excessive Candida*
  • Stimulates growth of beneficial probiotic flora*
  • Supports and strengthens a healthy digestive and immune system*
  • Significantly reduces systemic yeast infections*
  • Reduces sugar cravings induced by Candidiasis*

What is CandidaOFF?

CandidaOFF is 100% natural, safe, additive-free herbal solution that is exclusively formulated naturally decrease candida overgrowth and promote the growth of healthy intestinal flora. Created by our team of experts in natural medicine, CandidaOFF has proven to effectively eliminate fungal overgrowth at its source, thus preventing infections such as oral thrush or yeast infections and stimulating the growth of healthy probiotic flora in the digestive tract to accomplish lasting control over the Candida albicans yeast.

CandidaOFF comprises of a selection of herbs that are recognized for their support of a healthy digestive tract, the repair of cells damaged by Candida and the promotion of a healthy liver and immune system; all factors that contribute to the growth of healthy intestinal flora and the reduction of Candida overgrowth.

CandidaOFF is especially effective when paired with our Probiotic Supplement, which promotes the growth of healthy probiotic flora, boosts the immune system, restores digestive functions and effectively fights off Candida.

The formula follows the full spectrum method of herbal extraction to ensure the bioavailability and balance of all active ingredients in the solution. This same production method also reduces the probability of side effects and ensures that the active ingredients create a perfect balance. CandidaOFF is made with no additives or residual ingredients, it is all 100% alcohol free.

Our product is produced in FDA registered, cGMP approved, Kosher ceritifed, Vegan compliant, and Gluten free facilities. The product CandidaOFF's formulation is approved and monitored by a team of herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths and responsible pharmacists.

A Natural Approach To Healing

CandidaOFF's approach follows our philosophy that the best path for recovery is the natural one. We know there a variety of anti-fungal medicines and remedies that are available for sufferers of Candidiasis like Amphotercin B, fluconazole, nystatin and ketoconazole. While effective, these treatments also come with unwanted and sometimes significantly damaging side effects.

There are ways to naturally heal your body and support a healthy immune system such as adequate sleep, diet, exercise and relaxation. In the case of Candidiasis patients, it is especially important to maintain appropriate pH levels and intestinal flora as well as practicing a diet that is free of grain, dairy, sugar dietary and processed foods.

Unfortunately, not many individuals follow this natural way of living, a fault that is not their own. Modern society has brought in fast food, pollution and stress - factors that greatly contribute to your overall well-being and more specifically your body's natural ability to maintain an appropriate balance of digestive flora that affect your immune system.

In order to successfully inhibit the excessive proliferation of Candida in the digestive tract, the probiotic culture Acidophilus is highly recommended. It is a live culture that contains enough probiotics to strengthen your immune system and support healthy levels of intestinal flora.

Probacto fully supports a natural patch to recovery, a concept that has been used for thousands of years. This same approach fully supports a healthy immune system, the balance of pH and probiotics in the body and the overall support of your body's functions - all of which contribute to the treatment of Candidiasis and the support of a healthier and happier individual.

What is in CandidaOFF?

CandidaOFF is a herbal formula that is 100% natural, additive-free, alcohol-free and contains Pau d'arco, Marigold and Lemongrass.
  • Pau d'arco contains two significant chemical compounds that are effective against harmful organisms. The first is Lapachol, a compound recognized by the US Department of Agriculture that is toxic and resistant to nearly all types of harmful organisms. The second, beta-lapachone has shown through lab studies to be highly toxic (on the same level as ketoconazole) to fungal organisms. These properties make Pau d'arco a very popular and safe anti-fungal herb and has been proven to be significantly effective against Candida.
  • Marigold was a highly popular herb in the ancient cultures that was revered for its natural ability to support healthy detoxification. It is recognized for its strong anti-inflammatory properties and is popular for topical wounds or infections. Marigold also has antimicrobial properties, making I effective against superficial infections inside and outside the body.
  • Lemongrass contains a powerful chemical component known as citral or lemonal that is an aldehyde responsible for the herb's strong anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. The herb also constitutes of other essential oils that have counter-irritant, rubefacient, insecticidal, anti-fungal and anti-septic properties. Clinical studies show that lemongrass is highly effective in treating digestive related spasms and pains by stimulating cell generation and repair intestinal walls that have been damaged by Candida overgrowth. Its antifungal properties help contribute to the elimination of the Candida albicans yeast.

Suggested Usage

How Should I take CandidaOFF?

Dilute drops of solution in ¼ cup of water or juice after meals. Adults & Children 12 +: Take .50mL 3 times a day for 6 weeks Children 4-11: Take 1 drop per year of age 3 times a day Special Instructions: Follow up with a three-week course, twice annually is necessary Caution: this product has not been deemed safe for usage during pregnancy and breast feeding. Please consult your primary care physician if you have any debilitating medical conditions. For a more effective approach and support in reducing Candida overgrowth and restoring the balance of intestinal bacteria, try Probacto Probiotics to safely strengthen your immune system, promote the growth of probiotic flora and to fight off Candida.

When Can I Expect Results?

CandidaOFF is effective the moment it is introduced to your system and works immediately to eliminate Candida from the digestive tract and to promote intestinal health by eliminating toxins from the body. On average, CandidaOFF requires a 3 to 6 week period for maximum results and beneficial responses are varied among individuals. Full benefits and results are achieved when the recommended usage for CandidaOFF is followed accordingly and when diet and hygiene practices are altered and followed consistently. CandidaOFF will also be more effective if you eliminate sugars, alcohol and refined carbohydrates from your diet as well as avoiding the usage of antibiotics. Candida is an opportunistic fungus and by nature is extremely persistent. The organism may take some time, months or even years to completely deplete from your system and restore it back to normal. The period for Candida elimination is highly dependent on the severity of the infection and problem.  

How Can I Achieve Optimum Benefits?

The natural ingredients found in CandidaOFF are highly effective in supporting overall health and healthy bodily functions. People respond to natural herbs and remedies in many different ways. Some individuals might take one week to observe benefits, while others will take three to six - everyone is different and the effect this solution has on your is high dependent on the severity of your Candida infection. In order to receive maximum benefits from CandidaOFF, it is important to take the solution as directed and to be consistent in your treatment.  

How Long Does One Bottle Last?

One 60 mL bottle of CandidaOFF will last (accordingly the adult's recommended usage) 40 days.  

Can I get refund for Probacto if I dont like it?

All of your purchases at Probacto are covered by our 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Please note: only one opened package of any product is eligible for return. All others of the same product must be in its original factory-sealed container for refund. Please email for instructions.

I have had bad Candida die off reactions because I was on too many antifungals at once. I initially thought it was going well until I realized that it wasn't getting any better anytime soon. After taking Candidaoff, my reactions subsided almost immediately.

Martha - New York, NY

I've suffered from yeast infections on and off for the past 10 years, taking countless medications that had no effect. At some point a doctor told me that "it's all in my head", and that drove me to look for something else. I've only started taking candida off for 1 week, but my irritation has almost went away completely.

Brenda - Orange County, CA

It works better than anything else out there. I've tried other products, and this works great for my candida. It does far more than just die-off but really eliminated my candida. If you look at the ingredients, they aren't just made to stop die-off. I take more than the recommended dosage, but nothing has made my candida symptoms go away this fast.

John L - Dallas, TX

I have started taking this with the probiotics that they sell and have been getting amazing results. I am having visibly better results every single day and notice myself feeling healthier. A great benefit of using this product is it tastes great!

- Victoria M., New York, NY

After suffering for years from brain fog, fatigue, gas and bloating, I decided enough was enough and went to a naturopath in hopes of finding a cure. I was diagnosed by my naturopath with a Candida infestation and we started a strict regimen to get rid of it. It included a very boring diet, supplements, and a super restrictive lifestyle.

For some reason I was doing nearly everything properly, but I just felt like it wasn't working, I expected to get better, and maybe my expectations were too high but I just wasn't getting any better. She assured me that things take time, and I just need to be patient, what took me years to damage won't heal overnight.

I started doing my own candida research and found out about Probacto. I called up my naturopath and made an appointment, asking her about it before I started using it because I did not want it to mess up everything that I had going. She looked up the Probiotics and candidaoff treatments, and said that I should give it a shot although it might not do any more for me than what I currently have going, but it won't hurt, so I gave it a shot and ordered.

It took three days to arrive, and within a week of trying it I have noticed great results from the probiotics and candidaoff. I have less bloating and gas, and feel like I am getting clearer thinking. I'm not sure if this happened just because of the time that I put in and it was just due time for it to give me results, but since taking probacto, I have never felt better. I'm looking forward to seeing future improvements in my health.

-Alyssa R., Seattle, WA