Candida Recovery Pack

Candida Recovery Pack



Due to Popular Demand We Have Created Our Candida Recovery Pack

  • These are good in packs which would be good for an entire month.
  • 4 Bottles of Probacto Probiotics
  • 2 Bottles of CFort10
  • 4 Bottles of CandidaOff
  • None of the Products need to be refrigerated

Due to several requests by people we have decided to create a Candida Recovery Pack. This is all our products put into a convenient pack so that you can just choose this one, which is also heavily discounted. This is the choice of people who are truly suffering from Candida. If you take the full dosage, you can expect one pack to last an entire month. If you've never taken our products before, please take note that they are very potent, and you may not need to take the full dosage, but take it depending on your needs.

Not everybody needs the Candida Recovery Pack, but people who really have candida and wish to take care of it. Please click the links up top, or in the supplement facts tab to see details about each individual product. Most people who purchase the Candida Recovery pack know exactly what they are looking for.

We believe this to be the strongest, most potent and simply the best candida product available on the market. Please only get this if you are looking for the very best.

This is not a cure for candida, and we believe using the word cure is wrong with any supplements. If you are unsure this is for you, then please start with the smaller individual products.

To see the supplement facts, please look at the individual supplement. The links are below:

What is The Candida Recovery Pack?

The candida recovery pack is simply our candida products, all combined into one package. It was highly requested by our customers because they are taking so many of them, and they wanted it for ease. You are not required to take the pack, and can simply take the ones which work well for you.

Will it cure my candida?

One of the biggest things that people say online is that there are "cures". It would be a lie if we called it a cure. But these are products that we take every day, and they have worked well for us, and many of our customers. This pack is only around because it was requested.

I Saw Another Product That Says It Can Cure Candida. Why Isn't Yours A Guaranteed Cure?

Using the word cure is really something misleading. While they may or may not be good products, calling it a cure is really not something that we like to engage in.

Will using this recovery pack cure my Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Many people who have IBS have reported better results since taking our products. Again, it's not a "cure"

How fast is shipping?

All orders received by 2PM EST Monday - Friday will ship out the same day.

What Is Your Return Policy

You may take up to 1 bottle of each product and return it. If you haven't tried our products out before, it's recommended that you try the products individually first before ordering such a large quantity.

Why is your product so expensive?

Our product is actually not expensive for what you get. We use the highest end products available, and we pay premium pricing for it. We provide what we believe to be the absolute best products dealing with digestion and candida, and the price that we charge is really a bargain compared to what others would charge for inferior merchandise.

If it's so good, why can't I find it in stores?

We are planning to work directly with specific naturopaths and retail stores in the future, but for now it does not make much sense to work with stores as we would have to increase the pricing. We offer bottom pricing, and retailers will want to sell for double or triple the price in order to make a profit, leading to the consumer having to pay higher pricing in the long run. We choose to keep our pricing as low as possible so that the most amount of people can benefit from our products.

Will this work for me?

As much as we would like to say that this product will work for and help you, there's no such thing as a product that will work for everyone. Every individual is unique, and the way they react to our supplements will be different.

If you have candida, or ever experience yeast infections, you cannot go wrong by taking the Candida Recovery Pack. This will change your life!- Brad

I know that I had candida, but my doctor never believed me. I didn't know what I should do, and people were telling me that it was in my head. The medical industry doesn't believe me. Well I found the Candida Recovery Pack, ordered it online, and I've been better than I have been in years. My doctor was shocked by my results, and he wanted to try it himself.- Josh

I remember being so shocked that I had candida that I didn't know what to do. I just couldn't believe it, but when I saw the symptoms that you could suffer because of it, I knew that I had to have candida. It was the only thing that made sense.

I started following a candida diet, and started losing weight and feeling better. The only thing is that it just wasn't enough. I soon found out about Probacto, and it honestly changed my life. I started with the probiotics, but I was getting candida die off so I took the candidaoff with the nettle leaf tea. I then took the CFort10 because "why not"? I was taking other supplements for candida, and just the combination of everything together made all the difference. I felt like a new person.- Michelle