Parasite Cleanse Pack

Parasite Cleanse Pack

Due to Popular Demand We Have Created Our Parasite Cleanse Pack

The Parasite Cleanse Pack from Probacto is quite unique compared to other parasite cleanses. The reason is most parasite cleanses are designed to just kill parasites, and do nothing else. Probacto's takes it a step further.

Paraufero is designed to kill every life cycle of the parasite including the hard to kill egg. The Parasite cleanse contains two bottles so that the parasite cleanse can be used twice so that you can repeat it in 2-3 weeks.

The next thing that it contains is Probacto Probiotics which are also designed to fight candida yeast. Probiotics will help your gut when it is weak because of the parasite cleanse. While we believe ours is gentle, nothing in this world is perfect. By adding probiotics we can help support gut function.

The parasite cleanse pack also contains a bottle of DenzPro which will give your body digestive enzymes that they need to help get it working properly.

These 3 all work together to support having a healthy body.

Please look up the supplement fact on the individual product.

What is The Parasite Cleanse Pack?

The parasite cleanse pack is what we view as essential for a parasite cleanse. While some cleanses will kill parasites, many will leave your body desolate. You will be lacking in vital flora and your bodies digestion will not work properly. The parasite cleanse pack aims to alleviate that issue by providing very high quality probacto probiotics which contains a yeast cleanse as well as prebiotics and DenzPro a digestive enzyme to help your body digest foods properly.

Will it cure my parasites?

There is no such thing as a perfect cure for anything. Everyone is different. We can say that many people were happy with paraufero and we've had plenty of repeat customers.

I Saw Another Product That Says It Is Guaranteed To Cure Parasites in under a week. Why Isn't Yours A Guaranteed Cure?

It's a bit deceptive when people claim to be able to work miracles and cure anything. We can only say that we offer what we believe to be a great product and have many satisfied customers.

How fast is shipping?

All orders received by 2PM EST Monday - Friday will ship out the same day.

What Is Your Return Policy

You may take up to 1 bottle of each product and return it. If you haven't tried our products out before, it's recommended that you try the products individually first before ordering such a large quantity.

Why is your product so expensive?

We believe our products are a very good value for the money especially when you consider that many similar products are several times more expensive. All our products are made in the USA in a cGMP certified facility.

Will this work for me?

As much as we would like to say that this product will work for and help you, there's no such thing as a product that will work for everyone. Every individual is unique, and the way they react to our supplements will be different. We've had many satisfied customers and hope you will be a future success story.

I didn't really know if I had parasites or not, but I read what Dr. Marie said about parasites, and I thought it wouldn't really hurt to do. I ended up doing a parasite cleanse, and the things that came out of my body... I don't even want to talk about it. I couldn't believe it was in my body. I've done several cleanses, and really I feel better than ever.- Jim

I did the parasite cleanse because my dog had worms in his stool. The vet gave a prescription to get rid of his worms, but then it got me thinking. How did my dog get worms, and how come only the dog has them? I've been picking up his stool every day, and my dog and I are very close. We cuddle and hug, and I'm always next to my dog. I was reading about parasites and came across many different sites. I thought that I might actually be infected based on the symptoms I was inhibiting and lo and behold I was. Only after doing the cleanse do I realize how much better I feel.- Patricia

There's really nothing that grosses me out than having parasites in my body. I couldn't imagine having so many parasites, but it turns out that I actually did.-Theresa

If you don't think you have parasites, think again. More than half of the world's population has parasites, and the odds of you or someone in your family being infected is very high. I recently did a parasite cleanse, and it's worked some wonders on my body. I am planning on doing a complete candida cleanse next, but I need to prepare myself as it's very time consuming and tedious.- Madeline